Quality products for perfect sports turf lines. Accessories for turf marking and individual consultation

In addition to quality products, huma also supplies the accessories and provides individual consultation:

  • Turf marking paints for turf and sports field marking
  • Professional wet marking trolley for efficient and economical marking
  • Accessories for turf marking
  • Consultation & service

This is what distinguishes our lawn and sports field paints:

  • particularly high rain resistance
  • extra white with 1A luminosity and coverage
  • excellent adhesion even on damp turf
  • environment and plant friendly
  • lawn growth is not impaired
  • solvent free and low odour

World Cup White (direct colour)

Super adhesive direct paint for marking lawns and sports fields – even on damp grass. Rain resistant, environment friendly and plant compatible, solvent free, groundwater-neutral. Suitable for all wet markers. Highest luminosity and coverage.

  • ColorWhite  
  • Packaging12 kg canister / 700 kg container

Turf marking paint (concentrate)

Highly opaque, solvent-free marking concentrate with good adhesion. Rain resistant, fast drying, no impairment of lawn growth.

  • ColorWhite  
  • Packaging14 kg canister